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A New Bus Shelter

has replaced the old and disgraceful one surrounded by weeds and unkempt overgrowth at the bottom of Fore Street. The growth has been removed and a very nice tarmac surface is now in place making waiting for the bus a pleasant experience.

This improvement was carried out at the instigation of your Conservation Society

Allern Lane Housing Application – Result of Public Enquiry 17th OCTOBER 2017

The application for house building by Taylor Wimpey was examined by a public hearing and the inspector has ruled in favour of development.

The planning application is:-

    Full application No. 0668/17/FUL to build 65 houses.

       The link is

 Special thanks to Robert Plumb and Dennis Silverwood for their tremendous amount of work  and time they have put into leading up to the enquiry and attending to present our case.

 You can read a report on this public examination in the September 2 Newsletter No.34, the  October Newsletter No.35 and December’s Newsletter No. 36 found on the drop down menu  under The Conservation Society  page on this web site.

 Taylor Wimpey have agreed to provide 50% affordable housing and this means that, in their  terms, the  project is marginally non-viable (less than £2M gross profit) but they are  prepared to ‘swallow the loss’!!

The appearance of the village centre has changed

The grand old copper beech tree in Fore Street has been felled. This is because it had come to the end of it’s life at 110 years old and so has became weak and dangerous. This of course has left a big bare space and will take some getting used to after such a long time. On a positive note there is a child which hopefully will be able to grow and take it’s place.