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Tamerton Foliot stream water quality published

For some months a resident in Riverside Walk has hosted at the bottom of their garden a water quality probe for Plymouth River Keepers.

The monthly results are here:

The probe takes a reading every 15 minutes on depth, temperature and conductivity. In particular, it is conductivity that of interest. Conductivity is a measure of the total dissolved solids within a watercourse. In the Tamerton Foliot catchment there is low natural dissolved solids, so as a general rule an increase in conductivity is likely to be human-related. An increase in conductivity could be due to a number of factors such as sewage entering the river, industrial or chemical discharge or farm run-off. 

Local election results 2022

Local election results

Plymouth City Council elections took place on Thursday 5 May 2022 and votes were counted overnight.

Overall turnout was down on last year at 31.6%.


Turnout: 35.09%

Andy LuggerConservative1,153YES
Benjamin John DavyTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition61 
Fi SmartGreen155 
Daniella Georgia MarleyLabour1140 
Emily Rose QuickIndependent626 

Climate Change

The Council are seeking consultation on the Climate Emergency Planning Policy and Guidance which ends on the 21 April 2022 at 5pm. 

The Council will accept comments via:

All the documents can be seen here and there is a 20 minute video about it

Environment Agency wags finger at Tamerton Residents

Residents along Riverside Walk have received a letter from the Environment Agency pointing out that the Tamerton Foliot Stream is classified as a main river, and that activities near its bank need a Flood Risk Activity Permit. This includes altering, repairing any structure in, over or under the stream, such as gabion baskets, decking or other garden structures. Without this ‘you could be breaking the law.’

Bat Survey

Bat Detectors were placed at three locations around the village to record bat activity, and classify by breed.

The detectors respond to the high frequency calls each bat makes, and because each breed has a distinctive call are able to work out which species has been detected.

More information and results below:

Local election results 2021

Local election results

Plymouth City Council elections took place on Thursday 6 May 2021 and votes were counted on Friday 7 May.

Overall turnout was 35.93%.


Turnout: 35.09%

Richard Audubon BingleyConservative1,750YES
Benjamin John DavyTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition20 
Sonia-Maria HoskingIndependent305 
Brian Richard LewisGreen133 
Katie McManusLiberal Democrat105 
Liz NicollsLabour984 
Emily Rose QuickIndependent273 

A new Chairman for the Conservation Society

The Conservation Society now has a new Chairman, Dennis Silverwood. Dennis has been a committee member for some years and was a key player with our outgoing chairman in representing the views of the village at last year’s public enquiry into housing development in Allern Lane. We welcome him to his new role. The committee express their grateful thanks to our outgoing Chairman Robert Plumb who has done stalwart work for the village on your behalf.

The Plymouth Plan Part 2

This document presented by Plymouth City Council sets out a vision for the future development in the city over the next 20 years. It is wide ranging covering housing, employment and transport. You are urged to refer to it as it will affect all residents in one way or another. Go to