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Photos of Walks

Photographs taken on some of the walks listed.

Walk 1. (map)
Views from the footpath alongside Tamerton Lake.

Looking north from Warren Point up the Tamar and downstream to the Tamar Bridge.

Walks 3 & 4. (map)
Cann and Whitleigh Woods.

Walk 6. (map)
Coombe Valley from Coombe Lane. The houses in Downham Gardens area can be seen through the trees.

Walk 7. (map)
View from Warleigh Lodge, Blaxton Marsh, the Tidal Mill at Blaxton Quay.

On the road beside the Tavy to Lopwell Dam.


Walk 8. (map)
Entry to bridle path at Ashleigh Bottom. A heavy iron gate but just about squeezable past. Beware Cows.