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Tamar-Tavy Estuary Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is located in the far north west of Plymouth, from the Tamar Bridge upstream and includes Tamerton Creek. The SSSI extends beyond Plymouth’s administrative boundaries to the limits of tidal influence in both the Tamar and the Tavy. The total of area of the site covers 1422.33 hectares but the portion within Plymouth forms a small proportion of the total area. The site also forms part of the Tamar Estuaries European Marine Site.

The Tamar-Tavy Estuary is a large marine inlet with discharge from a series of rivers with an extensive catchment in Cornwall and Devon. The site was designated as a SSSI in 1991 because of its international importance for nature conservation, in particular as a wintering site for wildfowl and waders.

The site supports:

  • Nationally important wintering population of avocets
  • Black-tailed godwits
  • Whimbrels
  • Greenshanks
  • Spotted redshanks
  • Green sandpipers
  • Golden plovers