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Author: Nic B

Tamerton Foliot stream water quality published

For some months a resident in Riverside Walk has hosted at the bottom of their garden a water quality probe for Plymouth River Keepers.

The monthly results are here:

The probe takes a reading every 15 minutes on depth, temperature and conductivity. In particular, it is conductivity that of interest. Conductivity is a measure of the total dissolved solids within a watercourse. In the Tamerton Foliot catchment there is low natural dissolved solids, so as a general rule an increase in conductivity is likely to be human-related. An increase in conductivity could be due to a number of factors such as sewage entering the river, industrial or chemical discharge or farm run-off. 

Climate Change

The Council are seeking consultation on the Climate Emergency Planning Policy and Guidance which ends on the 21 April 2022 at 5pm. 

The Council will accept comments via:

All the documents can be seen here and there is a 20 minute video about it

Environment Agency wags finger at Tamerton Residents

Residents along Riverside Walk have received a letter from the Environment Agency pointing out that the Tamerton Foliot Stream is classified as a main river, and that activities near its bank need a Flood Risk Activity Permit. This includes altering, repairing any structure in, over or under the stream, such as gabion baskets, decking or other garden structures. Without this ‘you could be breaking the law.’

Lakeside Fields

A manhole in the fields below Lakeside has been overflowing

This manhole sits in the huge major trunk sewer that carries sewage from the north of Plymouth to Ernesettle Treatment Works.

Church Row Lane

This is looking up Church Row Lane – the manhole is lifted by sewage which flows down into the stream.

This has sadly been occurring in heavy rainfall. SWW are investigating and think it may be connected to the discharge from the Mayflower Treatment Works which joins the sewage system in Porsham Lane.