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Tamerton Foliot Methodist Church Fruit Banquet was subsequently called the Strawberry Feast and then the Strawberry Fayre as we know it today.

It used to be a Methodist Church Circuit affair which was started in 1922. All Church members used to give 10 shillings (50p) to help buy the food. Tea tickets would then be sold for 2 shillings 6 pence (12 and a half p).

Strawberry Feast 1930
Tamerton Strawberry Fair

Visitors used to help themselves to the strawberries and a dish of fruit salad was provided for those who did not like strawberries. Sugar and cream was put on the tables for people to help themselves and there was also bread and butter, dough cake and cherry cake – a real feast.

Bowls were replenished with strawberries when they became empty.

Strawberries were bought from Mr Brighton who had fields in Station Road, Tamerton Foliot and from Billy Rickard who lived at Woodlands in Station Road. The house Woodlands was built for him in 1914. He cleared some land around it and began growing strawberries.

When these sources ceased, the strawberries were bought from Lukes Farm and Bere Alston.

Today the Carnival Committee organises the event.

The Quay c1920 Mr Colwill collecting seaweed for the strawberry gardens